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  • 06 October 2015

    The Folsom Street Fair

    Folsom Street Fair San Francisco life is zipping by.

    The coffee's flowing nonstop and laundry's piling up around my chipped-polished toes. I need to make time for an eye exam. My hair's begging for a little love. Halfway through third semester. Reading. Writing. Stretching. Growing. Daydreaming of the desert, and pushing some elusive, imaginary pause button so I can run home for couch-cuddles and movie night with my man — it's been nearly two months! (On the topic of movie night: what's with this whole "Netflix & Chill" thing? When did chilling and watching Netflix stop meaning chilling and watching Netflix? Damn kids.) Most of my Netflix time has been eaten up by reporting duties — but I DID watch the Iris Apfel documentary, which you should all check out if you're into really rad old ladies. The journalism pieces that I've been spending so much time on aren't all relevant to the blog, so I put together a WordPress site to curate feature stories separately (you can browse it here).

    If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you've followed me up the coast from Palm Springs to the Bay as I've settled into journalism school, eight months in, and begun to explore the vibrancy of this crazy beautiful, wild city. If you've just stumbled upon the blog you can catch up with some of these older posts here.

    And speaking of the blog, it's definitely feeling ready for a major facelift. What do you think? Time permitting, I'm working hard to brainstorm a redesign for a fresh look come the new year. (Seriously, you guys, how is it October already? These next few months will fly.)

    I think my favorite thing about San Francisco is its freedom of expression. Locals might argue against this sentiment, but nowhere else can you frolic around so freely in the streets. If you've got a parade permit, it's anything goes. No clothes? No problem. I went to the Folsom Street Fair with my j-school buddy to take a break from my sometimes-isolating type life. The Fair's a festival for fetish freaks, thousands of assless chaps and chained dominatrix getups swarm the streets downtown (and even less clothing than that, if you can imagine). I don't think anything will ever surprise me anymore. I've officially seen it all, including that-one-guy, leashed on a stage, forced to lick a strangers shoe... whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    At any rate, costume inspo for Halloween was pretty killer.

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